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If you are a business, school, working in a school as a teacher, or giving grinds, Project Maths Notes™ are available as a teaching and learning resource. It can be used with a projector, can be printed out, and looks impressive on the screens of tablet computers. (And yes it can be used for all classes in your entire school.)

You, or your school, can obtain a Teaching Licence for a yearly fee (€629.00)

Teaching Licences are also available cheaper for Student-Teachers. Please Click Here if you studying at third level.




Full Teaching Version of the Product offers:

  • Zoomable, crystal clear vector-graphics, that can be beamed on-screen with the projector (saves you time and hassle as you don’t have to draw graphs on the whiteboard – a more efficient learning environment.)
  • Highly structured, sequenced learning – reads easily.
  • Worked solutions to practice exercises (i.e. worked solutions to what you might give as homework) for your convenience are provided at the back of the document, so you can save even more time. (Not part of the standard Project Maths Notes™ product.)
  • Quick way to learn maths properly – compelling and fun to learn.
  • Licence to print notes out for all your students for one year.
  • Can be used on tablet computers.
  • Informative, clean looking graphs – graphs are scaled evenly, having true proportions – makes it easy for students to understand how the different elements of algebra are working together.
  • Project-maths approach to learning (using brain-power over rote learning.)
  • Relevant and exam-focused material, including many practical examples and original exam-style practice questions.
  • Comprehensive coverage of the syllabuses.
  • Designed for Leaving Certificate Higher and Ordinary Level maths but also can be adapted for use with the Junior Certificate Higher and Ordinary Level maths syllabuses – and even 3rd level modules.
  • Entire Leaving Certificate Maths syllabus can be revised effectively in 21 hours* (*fastest recorded times: 20 hours, for Leaving Cert Ordinary Level, excluding constructions section – 27 hours, excluding constructions, for Leaving Cert Higher Level.)

Please note, if you are using Project Maths Notes™ as a Teaching & Learning Resource, (and you haven’t already made a bulk orders purchase of the product for your classes), OR you are using the product to teach grinds (private tuition) you then must purchase a Teaching Licence to use these notes as your teaching aid. Naturally, this is more expensive than just purchasing a regular version. This is because you are using it for many students, or for commercial purposes. The benefit to you is that it slashes the amount of time you are having to spend on lesson preparation, while offering a professional looking service. It’s a unique, valuable and essential resource for every fully equipped teacher.



Benefit of using the product:

  • Entire leaving certificate Maths syllabus can be revised in as little as 21 hours – it’s the fastest way on the market to do this.
  • Professional ICT (Information and Communications Technology) presentation – every time.
  • Ideal for Grinds Teachers, being able to teach from a screen – with ultra fast referencing, one can recap by going back to concepts and graphs you had displayed before – instantly – at the touch of a button. You also have the possibility of giving valued printed ‘handouts’ to your customers (designed to be printed double-sided)
  • Vector graphics for diagrams, looking good while zooming in on the Classroom Projector Screen.
  • Extremely well structured, with a carefully planned progression in how material is introduced – each exercise builds on the knowledge of the previous material. Students must complete Mandatory Exercises before proceeding. That’s how they are able to learn so fast – because they are trying it for themselves.
  • Reduce time and effort spent on classroom management, due to your high level of preparation, and interesting use of technology in your classes.
  • Have fun solving the mandatory exercises as they are like puzzles that teach a lot – students have to engage with the material themselves – and at the same time their problem-solving and critical thinking skills are being developed. Your students will be given the skills they need to handle any combination of topics, with the Project-Maths exam format. They’ll be able to visualise algebra.
  • Ideal for Teachers who are in-the-thick of teaching Leaving Cert honours maths and need a coherent method to teach the massive syllabus.
  • Pupils, Parents and Management will be satisfied with your teaching methods especially with the ICT component and the printed notes that your students can take home with them.
  • Schools and Teachers – you will know that you are fully-equipped, when you have this powerful resource at your disposal.





I purchased the notes over the weekend. They are excellent in content and presentation. Thanks for making such a fabulous resource available.

J.D. – Co. Galway

These notes have helped me enormously over the past number of weeks. They explain everything in great detail, yet in a clear and concise manner. I am so happy to have them as a tool to help me through higher level maths!

Laura – Co. Meath





By purchasing, you agree to the Terms & Conditions and No-refunds policy. Licence is for one year.

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