CUSTOMERS: M.I. Publishing strongly recommends using Debit Cards (in credit) or PayPal (in credit), instead of withdrawing from your Credit Card (in debit). Why? Debt, with interest, gets families into trouble. And as you would learn from the “Financial Maths” section of the product, a monthly interest rate of 1.53% approximates to an annual rate of 20%. Even though credit-card companies must by law advertise their interest rates as yearly APR rates, it’s still a rip-off. Otherwise maybe you’ll pay 20% extra for what you purchase, and more, especially if you don’t manage to make your repayments on time and perhaps incur extra charges – or worse.



If you must use a credit card, please, keep it in credit, and make your purchase from your available positive balance. You’ll need to first check with your bank, but, normally you’ll not be charged interest on payments made where the account is in credit. And watch out for those yearly governmental charges and service fees from your bank in case it tips your balance “into the red”.



Project Maths Notes™ is a product for every Leaving Cert Higher and Ordinary Level student, regardless of their financial background. Its’ price reflects the amount of work put into it and the value for the customer compared to hiring a grinds tutor. If you are in any way worried about spending above your means, or, if you’re going to use your credit card or overdrawn debit card to buy this, please send us a message on the Financial Assistance page. You can get the product for much cheaper. Click Here to send this message now.



ETHICAL EDUCATION: In the text of Project Maths Notes™ there is a focus on ethical education. Where it is necessary to deliver “Project Maths” questions based on real-life applications such as gambling and borrowing money with interest, readers are told how to perform the calculations but are warned about it. Probability example questions involving gambling are kept to a minimum.™
– Responsible Business.