Picture of coordinate geometry handouts

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Why buy Project Maths Notes™?

  • Can be used to revise entire syllabus after mock exams. Fastest recorded times 27 hours for Higher Level**, 20 hours for Ordinary Level**. (**Excluding constructions.)
  • As can be seen from the Sample Pages section, the product works excellently on Tablet Computers.
  • You can also print out notes as double-sided handouts (on A4 pages), using the school photocopier.
  • Meanwhile, you can teach from your projector, with the notes displayed behind you on-screen.
  • Save time, because all graphs and examples are ready-made. You don’t have to draw on the whiteboard.
  • Learning technique designed to start at the basics, but to cycle through all required material in a sequential manner.
  • Each exercise builds on the knowledge of the previous exercise.
  • Mandatory exercises included which are designed to anticipate the mistakes students often make, teaching them in the process.
  • Inspired by feedback from over two-hundred individual students.
  • A completely new approach to teaching maths in Ireland.
  • Coordinate Geometry, Functions and Algebra are taught simultaneously, improving quality and speed of learning.
  • An excellent accompaniment or even replacement to the traditional textbook.




Picture of coordinate geometry handouts




I purchased the notes over the weekend. They are excellent, both in content and presentation. Thanks for making such a fabulous resource available. Hope my son appreciates them as much!

J.D. – Co. Galway

These notes have helped me enormously over the past number of weeks. They explain everything in great detail, yet in a clear and concise manner.

Laura – Co. Meath