The HTTPS “Secure Sockets Layer” protocol is used on this website, and other security best practices are used to protect your privacy. No card data is stored on the server. When you submit any information voluntarily, for example via a contact form, or through sending a SMS text message, or telephone call, or through making a purchase – any information you give such as your name, email address, mailing address and telephone number may be stored. This information may be used by us to market products or services to you which you have expressed an interest in. With regard to the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we will aim to store this information for the minimum lengths of time necessary, e.g. until a sale is completed. In the case where a purchase is made, customers names, email addresses, and mailing addresses will be stored, for the purposes of compliance with Irish government tax rules, and, as part of anti-piracy measures. This data (name, address, email) will be stored for a minimum of six years, and longer (but not longer than is necessary) to protect M.I. Publishing from the risk of piracy, and to help make an enforcement in any case of fraud. It is our policy never to share any of your data with any other party, unless required to do so by law. When you make a purchase on this website through the PayPal or Stripe global payment-gateways, the information you provide will be submitted to PayPal, or Stripe, who both have separate Privacy Policies and sets of Terms & Conditions that are independent of your agreement with us.

If you would like to request that your information be deleted from the systems of M. I. Publishing, or even updated, just make contact using the form on the contact page, or telephone +353 (0) 864061111. Some information may have to be retained, however, as explained before, if you have made a purchase. To comply with Irish state laws and tax regulations we must keep all customers’ names and addresses, as well as all purchase dates and transaction amounts. This information is compiled on an aggregate basis for the preparation of end-of-year accounts. We keep all customers’ email addresses for licencing control purposes. We comply with relevant Data Protection legislation and access requests to data are subject to the maximum specified fee (e.g. €6.35 at date of publishing). Granting of such access requests is restricted to only what is required from us under the legislation.™ may use cookies for security purposes and essential website functionality, but in compliance with the EU cookie directive. Except for information voluntarily supplied to us like making a purchase or sending a message, we do not intentionally observe or track website usage, hence no cookies get specifically issued for such purposes. Our no-tracking policy does not apply to website mis-usage, understandably, so any users engaging in such activity give permission that their details may be logged, and used for any purpose, and that their data may be stored for any lengths of time. We also may be able to find out user-generated information about website functionality, such as broken links, but there is no intention from us to identify or track normal website users.



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