1.1. Any notes, products or services purchased from this website cannot be exchanged or refunded.
1.2. Under the law in Ireland, you have rights as a consumer including a withdrawal period in certain circumstances. However, due to the nature of how products and services are sold on this website, you agree that by making any purchase here you lose your right to cancel.


2.1. The notes are designed primarily for Leaving Certificate maths, with Higher Level and Ordinary Level versions being available.
2.2. Unless previously agreed in writing with M.I. Publishing, it is one-purchase-per-person using the notes, without exception.
2.3. At most, up to three digital copies of the notes may be kept by the person using them, on up to three separate devices if desired, but solely for that person’s own non-commercial, educational use. The only exception to non-commercial use is when a teacher is using the notes to teach a class where all students in that teacher’s class have licenced copies as well as that teacher, but such commercial use is constrained to that/those licenced classroom(s) of students only. Students using the digital notes on any e-reader or tablet (or any device capable of displaying the digital notes) as part of a class at school, for example where the teacher or school has made a Bulk Orders purchase or similar, shall not be permitted to transfer or copy any digital file of the notes; it shall be kept solely on the device it is licenced for, one licence per device in this case, and the purchaser is responsible for this.
2.4. The person using the notes is entitled to print out and keep printed paper-copies, solely for their own use. The only exception to this is where all relevant students being taught in a teacher’s class have licenced copies as well as that teacher, as in this case the teacher can print out handouts on behalf of every licenced student in their class.
2.5. The person using the notes is entitled to retain a copy (or copies) of the notes permanently, when kept according to these terms and conditions. This, without limitation, does not apply to schools or teachers that purchase licences for their students and wish to pass the licences on to the next year’s class: in such a case a licence to use the digital notes is similar to a physical textbook in that there can be only one user at a time. Any printed notes given by a legitimately licenced teacher/school to any legitimately and sufficiently licenced students may of course be retained by such a student, however.
2.6. The Leaving Certificate Higher Level version of the notes is priced at €42.25 per licenced copy and is 457 pages in length.
2.7. The Leaving Certificate Ordinary Level version of the notes is priced at €38.75 per licenced copy and is 332 pages in length.
2.8. The notes may be updated, from time to time, where the most recent version is the most advanced, with cosmetic improvements, extra questions, corrections, and modifications to teaching techniques. Currently, there is no automated option to update purchased copies of the notes to the latest versions, outside of making an entirely new purchase. If any customer desires an update, a request can be made through sending a message on the contact page. A nominal fee (€2.00) may be charged.
2.9. The notes contain practice exercises to which answers are not directly given. To cover the syllabus effectively, the practice exercises should all be completed correctly. Both the Leaving Certificate Higher and Ordinary Level worked solutions to the practice exercises are priced at €9.99 each, and are 137 and 87 pages in length, respectively.


3.1. If you want to order many copies for example if you are a teacher wishing to order for your entire class at school, and you wish to avail of a discount, this kind of order must be processed manually so please send a message by clicking this link and thanks for your patience in waiting for a response. Otherwise, where no discount is required, you can just navigate through the shop selecting as many licences as you need and download automatically.
3.2. As a special offer, it is permissible to make just one purchase of the solutions to the practice exercises for each Higher Level or each Ordinary Level bulk order, and that may be used by all relevant licencees (e.g. students) that are covered by your bulk-order purchase.


4.1. The Teaching Licence comprises two sections, one section designed for Leaving Certificate Higher Level maths, and one section designed for Leaving Certificate Ordinary Level maths. Worked solutions to the practice exercises are also provided at the end of each section.
4.2. It may be used on projectors, interactive whiteboards, as electronic books (e-books) on tablet computers, and may be printed out as handouts e.g. on the school photocopier.
4.3. When used as an e-book, this Teaching and Learning Resource has a potential Assistive Technology function for those with visual disabilities, being possible to pinch-zoom the text and graphs.
4.4. When purchased by a school, any of its staff members may use the Teaching and Learning Resource for any educational purposes within the school.
4.5. If purchased by an individual it may be used for any reasonable commercial purpose, e.g. giving grinds or private tuition services.
4.6. The handouts are designed to be printed double-sided, with the answers to the suggested formative assessments (Mandatory Exercises) not visible until the pages are turned. Handouts may also be printed single-sided.
4.7. It is possible to use it for Junior Certificate maths, with some redaction and addition of material not on the Leaving Certificate syllabuses e.g. distributivity with sets. It is advisable when doing this to teach from the Leaving Certificate Ordinary Level version, as its depth of treatment is more suitable for Junior Cycle students. Teachers will refer to the syllabus documents published by the NCCA for guidance on what material to cover for Junior Cycle.
4.8. The Teaching and Learning Resource is 1018 pages in length.
4.9. The cost of a Teaching Licence is €629.00 for a one-calendar-year licence period. The listed price will be a fixed price from year to year for licence renewal, and will not go up. Please see PAYMENT AND COLLECTION OF DATA section below for VAT information.
4.10. If possible, on the renewal of a yearly licence, the latest most up-to-date version of the Teaching and Learning Resource is made available for download. The most recent version is the most advanced, with cosmetic improvements, extra questions, corrections, and improvements to teaching techniques. The licencee is also able to use any older version purchased by them, if preferred. If any customer desires an update before the conclusion of the licence period, a request can be made through sending a message on the contact page. A nominal fee (€2.00) would normally be charged.
4.11. There is no obligation to renew licences once commercial use, or relevant use in tuition has ceased. It is also permissible for schools and teachers to buy individual regular copies of the e-book for tablet computers, i.e. ones costing €42.25 and €38.75 but strictly on the basis that it is one e-book per person using (including the teacher) and for all intents and purposes the e-book is treated like a regular textbook. In this case where a whole class of students has purchased individual e-books, their licences last for indefinite durations. The teacher may project his or her e-book and print out handouts for any student in their class that already has an e-book purchased for them.
4.12. Businesses are covered for use in one country only. A Teaching Licence is required for each country they are intending to use it in.
4.13. Licencees may add their own school or company logos to their copy of the Teaching and Learning Resource.
4.14. Digital copies of the Teaching and Learning Resource must be kept securely even on tablet computers within a school or business. It must not be possible for anyone including employees or students to remove any digital copy of the Teaching and Learning Resource from the tablet computers, etc., (e.g. via email or USB key, etc.) to avoid the risk of fraudulent distribution.
4.15. It is not possible to transfer or assign any kind of Project Maths Notes™ Teaching Licence to any other person, business, organisation, etc.
4.16. After a licence period has elapsed, without having been renewed, the licencee is allowed to retain in total a maximum of two digital copies, and also one paper-copy, permanently, if and only if these copies are used for strictly non-commercial and non-tuition purposes.
4.17. If the licence period has elapsed and upon efforts to renew made by the licencee finds that M.I. Publishing has ceased trading as a business name, then that licencee may consider that their licence period has been extended until M.I. Publishing recommences trading under any ownership. This doesn’t mean that if the website is down that you don’t have to renew your licence, rather it’s only if M.I. Publishing goes out of business or for the transition period upon sale of the business. If the website is down you must try to make contact through all available channels all the while checking the website again and again to see if it’s back online, persistently trying to make payment, and if you are honest in doing that only then can you consider that your previous licence period has been extended. In both these cases the new licence period will commence from the most recent date of purchase.


5.1. The terms of use of the College Licence are the same as for a Teaching Licence except that is for an individual teacher’s use only (no sharing with other teachers).
5.2. Your licence period is two years.
5.3. A College Licence is priced at €119.00.
5.4. You must be a student at a third level institution to purchase a College Licence.
5.5. The College Licence is intended for student teachers of the PME programme (or any similar courses of pedagogical study with teacher-training e.g. PGDE, PDE, H.Dip., M.Ed., B.Ed., etc.).
5.6. The licence lasts for the full duration of the two years regardless. For example if you bought it in the middle of the last year of your study, you can still use the notes even for teaching grinds and printing out handouts after your college course has completed. You cannot share with any other teacher at that stage however as that would require one or more full Teaching Licences.


6.1. Mock exam papers are normally sold as digital files to be printed out on the school photocopier, etc., and which may be reused by the licencee year after year without any further charge (lifetime licence).
6.2. There are two mock examinations available, Leaving Certificate Higher Level maths papers I & II and Leaving Certificate Ordinary Level maths papers I & II.
6.3. Marking schemes are included free of charge, but model answers are not included.
6.4. The cost of purchasing a lifetime licence to use a set of mock exam papers is €100.00 for the English language version and €200.00 for the Irish language version which has the English papers included. Please see PAYMENT AND COLLECTION OF DATA section below for VAT information.
6.5. The typesetting and question styles have been designed to be a close match to the official state exams.
6.6. The lifetime licence applies only to the school, individual or business which is using it, being the same in scope as the Teaching Licence, but here the licence period is of indefinite duration.
6.7. Care is taken to ensure exam paper samples are only circulated among relevant post-primary school staff and teachers.
6.8. The majority of the examination questions are either taken directly from or inspired by the Project Maths Notes™ product.
6.9. M.I. Publishing will strive to accommodate customers on the basis of whatever further agreement reached in supplying marking services. It should be noted that if provided that marking would not be a free-of-charge service and sufficient extra payment would be required as per terms of whatever agreement struck between parties.


7.1. Payment for private tuition services shall be settled at the beginning of each session, with a session normally costing €40.00 (non refundable), normally an hour in duration, including VAT at the zero rate. When paying by card or PayPal, a printout of the successful purchase page or email payment notification, shall suffice as a receipt.
7.2. Ideally students should have access to the digital notes on a device such as a tablet or laptop, and also access to a functioning camera smartphone with the ability to download and install apps. All software that any party downloads and/or uses shall be solely at his/her risk.
7.3. A discretionary minimum of 24 hours notice for any cancellation is desirable.
7.4. Any uninvited payment, overpayment or reduction in lesson time shall be viewed as a gratuity or tip. Uninvited payments (e.g. any payment made for tuition services without M.I. Publishing's tutor being currently present on the call) shall be refundable only at the ability and discretion of M.I. Publishing. Overpayments shall form part of payment and will not be refundable.
7.5. While services will be performed with reasonable skill and care, they are provided on an “as is” and “as available” basis.
7.6. Grinds are not a substitute for studying and hard work. Neither the relevant tutor nor M.I. Publishing shall be responsible for any student(s) exam results.
7.7. Any party shall be free to discontinue grinds at any time for any reason, and without stating any reason(s), without consequence.
7.8. While all tutors of M.I. Publishing shall be Teaching Council registered post-primary teachers with Garda vetting, the relevant tutor and M.I. Publishing shall be held harmless and not liable in any way for any claim of harm or damage, etc., that may occur to any party, whether caused directly or indirectly.
7.9. Parents/guardians of students shall be free to supervise call conversations.
7.10. Neither tutor nor M.I. Publishing shall be responsible under any circumstances for the health and safety of any student using any tuition services in any respect, including without limitation ensuring that electronic devices are used in a safe way in terms of proximity to aerials, electrical charging of batteries, proximity to hazards including water, screens being of harmful brightness, correct posture not being observed, etc.
7.11. The tutor has obligations under the law to report certain directly or indirectly disclosed matters of concern related to the welfare of children and young people to TUSLA the Irish child and family agency, or An Garda Síochána, upon which event correct protocol shall be adhered to.
7.12. Further terms for private tuition may be applicable subject to anything else agreed solely in writing.
7.13. Child safeguarding statement: The relevant service being provided here is private tuition in Mathematics, normally but not exclusively at Leaving Cert level. Identified risks: “harm”, as defined in Section 2 of the Children First Act 2015. To ensure, as far as practicable, that a child, while availing of the private tuition service, is safe from harm: any tutor delivering the service shall be a trained post-primary teacher with Teaching Council membership and satisfactory Garda vetting, the lessons shall be delivered remotely, there shall be no embargo on parent(s)/guardian(s) of the child supervising any lesson(s). For relevant person (appointed by M.I. Publishing) and mandated person(s) contact 0864061111.


8.1. At the time of purchase, the correct name, correct address and correct email address of the person, business or organisation buying any product or service must be provided to this website, but also PayPal and/or Stripe (depending on the payment method the customer had selected). THIS DATA INCLUDING DATE AND TIME OF PURCHASE WILL BE VISIBLE TO M.I. PUBLISHING. Under Irish tax rules, M.I. Publishing is required to store names and mailing addresses of all customers. Card data (card numbers, expiry dates and CSC/CVV codes) are not directly visible to M.I. Publishing unless an order has come in by post or email. M.I. Publishing aims never to share any data with anyone else, unless required to do so by law. M.I. Publishing may use contact details from time to time to communicate directly with the purchaser, for reasons including sending updated learning material, but in practice generally no communications are sent.
8.2. The delivery of products is designed to be an instant transaction. When you pay the money, the product is then instantly sent to the email address provided. As a secondary measure to ensure product delivery, after purchase you will then be directed to a specially created download page, where you may download your copy of the product.
8.3. The download page is set to allow ten (10) attempted downloads of the product or service, before the download link expires. You must not cancel the download after clicking the link (as that normally counts as one download attempt, reducing the number of available tries). You must not keep clicking the link impatiently, as that may also reduce the number of available tries. At an absolute maximum, it is possible that the link may be available to you for one month after the payment is initially made. This is not guaranteed however, so for this reason customers must download their licenced copy of the product or service immediately at the time of purchase. (It is emailed to you anyway). In any case, you must ensure that the product is in your possession immediately after paying, and that in the unlikely case of any problems to contact M.I. Publishing straight away through the published contact page on the website, or by telephoning BUSINESS MOBILE +353864061111, being patient in waiting for a response.
8.4. For those making orders through post or email or other method where necessary to send in written card details, or sent through verbal means such as by telephone order, M.I. Publishing aims to destroy the card data as soon as payment has been processed, through for example editing digital scans irreversibly and/or though shredding paper forms, deleting emails and/or attachments, etc.
8.5. Data are collected according to the published privacy policy. To summarise, it is the policy of M.I. Publishing to retain only the minimum amount of data sent to it, except for any data which may be directly sent to M.I. Publishing (through communications) or any data which are required to be kept by law.
8.6. M.I. Publishing aims to comply with relevant legislation including the EU Cookie Directive and Data Protection Acts including GDPR. Any access request under the Data Protection Acts are subject to the maximum permissible fee under the legislation at the time of the request (for example €6.35). The data will be provided in a similar way to delivery of products, i.e. by download and by email. It is designed to be an instant transaction, data for payment, so sections of legislation pertaining to refunds (because of data not present) would in this case not be relevant. Such a charge is incurred to pay for the time taken in preparing and accessing the data. All the same arrangements as specified with purchasing the any product, in relation to systems not behaving as intended, will hold and apply to purchasing the data access request, and indeed any purchase. M.I. Publishing intends to fulfil any and all obligations on it because of the Data Protection Acts but naturally advises patience in waiting for the information to issue. Information is supplied on an as available basis.
8.7. It is the policy of M.I. Publishing not to track usage of this website, as long as no harm or damage is intended to M.I. Publishing from any persons, businesses, organisations, programs, etc., visiting the website.
8.8. Your delivery email, or your confirmation of payment email (e.g. from PayPal), or a printout of the Download Page, or a printout of the successful-purchase page on PayPal will suffice for you as a receipt of the transaction.
8.9. The VAT rate normally charged is 0%. If the VAT rate needs to change for any reason then the price quoted and paid will be inclusive of the VAT charged, and the customer shall be notified of all relevant details including VAT number. No VAT number currently available as under thresholds. Businesses shall contact 00353864061111 or message through the contact page to inform in advance that they are buying a product/service, regardless of geographical location, being patient in waiting for a reply.
8.10. If you pay through PayPal, even if you use a card with them, you may have to click the “Return to Merchant” button, or equivalent, after paying, to access the download page.


9.1. All products including maths notes are designed to be sold with personalised identifying markings and embedded code, as well as password protection. The person (or business or organisation) buying a product agrees that if their copy is fraudulently distributed outside of what is written in these Terms and Conditions, intentionally, without permission, that that person (or business or organisation) who originally bought the product from M.I. Publishing will be liable, may be charged and in the case of being charged agrees to promptly pay, on demand, the full undiscounted price for each and every copy which is fraudulently made outside of the restrictions written in these Terms and Conditions. The cost of each of these charges depend on whether the fraudulently copied version of the product was used and/or was intended to be used as Project Maths Notes™ higher level or ordinary level notes, as a College Licence, as a Teaching Licence, or as Mock Examination Papers. The charges will be the same as the full undiscounted price that version and edition (1st Edition, 2nd Edition, 3rd Edition, etc.) of the product was/is selling for, for each individual case discovered of copies of the product being distributed outside of these Terms and Conditions. This will apply for all copies made, regardless of whether a copy was made from a daughter copy, or a copy of a daughter copy, etc. It will be the responsibilty of the person (or business or organisation) who originally purchased the product to explain this fact to whoever is using the product, and to take all reasonable measures to ensure that the product will not be fraudulently distributed.
9.2. The name, email and country of the person, business or organisation who buys a product are all printed on the top of each page of the digital file. No attempt may be made to remove or alter the identifying markings and embedded code from the product, and no attempt may be made to remove or alter the password protection. In the case of use of mock exam papers for examination purposes licencees can remove identifying markings from the tops of the pages when printing out hardopies only but never from the digital files in storage.
9.3. In the case where any product or copy of the product is stolen, or mislaid, with a high likelihood that it is being used by another person or any business/organisation, and this fraudulent use of the product is discovered by M.I. Publishing, documentary evidence of the theft (e.g. a letter from an Insurer or An Garda Siochana, etc.) may have to be furnished to M.I. Publishing so that the person/business/organisation who originally purchased the product would not be charged for the use of the product by any other person(s), business(es) or organisation(s).
9.4. It is the responsibility of the person, business or organisation buying any product or service to ensure that the correct email address is given when purchasing, as otherwise, that person/business/organisation’s licenced copy of the product may be sent to another unknown person, etc. It may not be possible to re-issue another copy of the product if an incorrect email address is provided.
9.5. No attempt may be made to purchase the Project Maths Notes™ higher level or Project Maths Notes™ ordinary level product for use as a Teaching Licence, nor can any attempt be made to use the College Licence as a Teaching Licence and you acknowledge that the doing of any of this is fraud. Upon discovery, persons (or businesses or organisations) must pay the full amount of the cost of the Teaching Licence, or College Licence – whichever relevant one they were using it as – and agree upon demand to pay the balance of the full amount to M.I. Publishing.
9.6. No part of this agreement can take away any of the copyright rights of M.I. Publishing even if it ceases trading temporarily or permanently, as copyright will be retained.
9.7. In all respects the solutions to the notes are to be treated the same as the notes in terms of how you allow them to be used.
9.8. The minimum duration of any purchaser’s obligations under this agreement is of unlimited duration, or the maximum duration permissible by law.
9.9. Scraping of normal publicly available website content by search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, Qwant, and Yandex, is permitted for each search engine here listed, and other notable ethical search engines, only for the purpose of indexing of content on their individual publically-available search platforms. This excludes PDF files, with the exception of the sample pages material published on the website. If any activity is detected which amounts to attempts, whether successful or otherwise, to break into, scrape, or access any part of this website without permission, for any purpose, including for the purpose of fraudulent distribution of any product(s), M.I. Publishing may take legal action against any such individual, organisation or business, and any individuals working within organisations or businesses who were involved in such activity may be additionally sued individually, for the maximum amounts possible under the law. This can be the case regardless of whether the activity is automated or not (e.g. any person, business or organisation that wrote code and/or implemented the use of any type of program or technique to do this, may be sued collectively or individually. This is the case regardless of whether M.I. Publishing was intended to be harmed, or not). In the case where any product is stolen from the website (taken without paying the full price without prior agreement in writing, or without paying anything) then the person, persons, business, or organisation who were involved in this action agree that they bear the same responsibility, and hence, the same liability as a person (or business/organisation) who made a legitimate purchase. They will also have to pay for the original copy taken without permission.


10.1. It is not recommended to resell the notes, especially not the digital files. The original person, business or organisation who purchased the product will bear responsibility for any distribution of the product outside of these Terms and Conditions, regardless of how many times the product has been resold. Therefore care should be taken that the person the product and/or licence is being transferred or sold to is trustworthy and understands their obligations and how their actions can affect the original person, business or organisation who purchased the product.
10.2. A Teaching Licence or College Licence cannot be transferred or have the remainder of their licence period resold or assigned in any way without the prior written permission of M.I. Publishing.
10.3. If the person, business or organisation who bought Project Maths Notes™ higher or ordinary level notes still wishes to sell, he/she/it may either transfer or resell his/her/its purchased copy or copies to an individual person (never a business, organisation, or commercial entity) as long as there is no alteration whatsoever made to the product since when it was originally obtained (downloaded from the site or delivered to the email address provided) and as long as M.I. Publishing is informed (through making contact in writing by email or though the published contact page on the website). All copies of that product, whether paper or digital, must be transferred to the person he/she/it is selling it to. The original copy must be destroyed and all associated digital files deleted permanently and irreversibly. The new person that the product has been transferred to will be the only person who has a right to use it, after the product is transferred, until they resell it. These same rules described apply for any subsequent purchase. A copy of the Terms and Conditions (ideally from the time of your original purchase) should be included when reselling. In order to avoid fraud, it is advisable if reselling the Project Maths Notes™ higher level or ordinary level notes, to just resell it as a printed out hardcopy, not retaining any hardcopy or digital copy yourself. It’s possible also to sell individual parts of these notes separately, but in this case you must not share and irreversibly destroy all of your copies of the digital file (or any part of it) and you may not keep any kind of copy including hardcopies of the parts you have sold.
10.4. The product whether sold whole or in part(s) may be resold at any price, as long as the transaction respects these Terms and Conditions. While any version of the product will give excellent coverage of the syllabus, and is sufficient to teach it well, the latest versions of the product may be more desirable to the learner due to various improvements that may have been included.


11.1. Products are sold as PDF documents and are compatible with all tablets, smartphones, computers and operating systems that can run PDF-reading software such as Adobe® Acrobat® software or equivalent (virtually all modern computers), or e-readers that support the PDF format. In practice, unless there is a technical problem with any individual device, the vast majority of personal computers and operating systems can run it successfully, since it is a well-supported and ubiquitous file format. Most modern e-readers will support PDF files but you should check the specifications of your device prior to purchase. In any case it can be printed out. (Adobe and Acrobat are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated in the United States and/or other countries).
11.2. Digital files are password protected and although it is not always necessary to enter it for all devices and configurations, one may be required to enter their password to open their file. Your password is provided to you at the time of purchasing, and issued with the delivery of the digital file. The password is the email address you originally provided when paying.


12.1. All products and services are provided on an “as available” basis.
12.2. While every reasonable effort has been made to ensure that Project Maths Notes™ is comprehensive and accurate, and a substantial amount of consultation, and double-checking has gone into this, over the space of many months and years; all products are sold “as is”, with no guarantee of completeness and no guarantee that they are error free. Under no circumstances will M.I. Publishing be held liable in any way for any omission or error contained within any products. Your decision to make any purchase can be informed from the sample material provided, or from previous customers’ testimonials, some of which are also published on this website.
12.3. In relation to communications with the customer for any reason, you agree that M.I. Publishing bears no liability for any failure to deliver information, [e.g. lost letters, lost email, closure of social-media account(s), etc.], nor for incorrect information provided by the person buying any product or service (e.g. incorrect email address or postal address, etc.). It is your responsibility to ensure that a valid email address and mailing address is provided to M.I. Publishing. You agree that M.I. Publishing bears no liability for any inaccuracies in any information sent by it, at any stage. You agree that M.I. Publishing has no obligation to communicate with any customer for any reason.
12.4. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure they remember their password, and if the customer decides to sell on his/her/its licence then it is exclusively that customer’s responsibility to ensure that the correct password is passed on to whom they are selling it to. Under no circumstances does M.I. Publishing have any obligations to any party to provide forgotten password information, or password information when the original email address was incorrectly entered when purchasing, but aims to provide this service in the unlikely event that it is needed. The way to avoid problems here is to take care to enter the correct email address when buying. It should be noted that passwords are case sensitive. Passwords are normally displayed on the delivery email and product download page. They should be stored and kept safely by the customer.
12.5. PayPal and/or Stripe, as appropriate, will handle the security of the payment and are to be responsible for keeping your card data safely, not M.I. Publishing. Your card data is not stored directly on the systems of M.I. Publishing. M.I. Publishing will not in any way be responsible for any loss, including any financial loss, due to theft and/or loss of any data held by PayPal and/or Stripe, and/or any sharing of any data by PayPal and/or Stripe, whether unintended or otherwise. [PayPal is a global company trusted by millions worldwide to handle payments securely and protect card and account data. Stripe is a similar payments processor, primarily dealing with debit and credit card transactions, originally founded by Irish entrepreneurs. You must decide if you trust PayPal and/or Stripe to handle the security of your payment(s)].
12.6. You may be required to set up a PayPal account, to use PayPal. M.I. Publishing will in no way have any liability for any damages whatsoever which may arise out of your forming or not forming any agreement with PayPal and/or Stripe. PayPal and Stripe have separate User Agreements and Privacy Policies which are independent of M.I. Publishing, which you may need to agree to, to use their services. You are solely responsible for any agreements you cause to be formed with PayPal and/or Stripe.
12.7. M.I. Publishing will under no circumstances be liable in any way for any injury and/or harm of any type whatsoever, arising from the use of any of the products or services. For Teaching Licences or College Licences, in all cases the licencee is liable instead of M.I. Publishing.
12.8. By using the website, you accept the published Privacy Policy. There is no embargo on linking to the HTML pages of this website in any way that is constructive, solely.
12.9. M.I. Publishing is under no circumstances to be held liable in any way for any injury and/or harm and/or damage of any type whatsoever, arising from the use of the website and/or any access made to the website, or through clicking any links published on the website. If you use the website you agree that it is at your own risk. Every reasonable effort has been taken to make sure the website is safe to use. M.I. Publishing is not responsible in any way nor liable in any way for the content of external links.
12.10. In relation to any orders not coming in through the website, but instead coming in by mail, email or telephone: until such time as the payments are processed, the card data will be stored securely, but in any circumstances you agree that M.I. Publishing will not bear any liability for any loss that may occur to you for any reason for example through stolen mail, robbery or break-in, website security breach, or any other breach. Such customers who are not ordering via the website are advised, where possible, to send in your orders by email or registered post, not normal post, to the address(es)/email provided, and making contact by telephone (BUSINESS MOBILE 086-4061111) to inform that the order is coming.
12.11. No printing costs are borne by M.I. Publishing.
12.12. It is not possible to return any products or services, but in any case M.I. Publishing would never have to bear any associated costs.
12.13. The sample material and sample versions of the products may vary slightly from the actual versions of the products available for sale.
12.14. When purchasing, you may get a more recent version number than advertised. You may also get a marginally (but not significantly) different number of pages than stated.
12.15. There is no obligation on M.I. Publishing to provide after-sales customer support, but it normally will be provided free-of-charge to the customer whenever and wherever possible, and on the basis that it does not take up substantial amounts of time or resources. It should not be necessary to provide this service, however, as all products are intuitive to use and/or your query is likely answered in the Frequently Asked Questions section of the website.
12.16. M.I. Publishing will have no obligation to provide updates for any of its products or services, but aims to provide them if possible and available to those renewing their Teaching Licence or College Licence.
12.17. M.I. Publishing has the right to alter prices but will not change the price of the Teaching Licence or College Licence for a licencee renewing from year to year without break. Any reduction or increase in any price, if it occurs, may be taken away at the discretion of M.I. Publishing at any time. You agree that M.I. Publishing does not have to sell any product or service at any reduced or increased price at any time.
12.18. M.I. Publishing has the right not to renew any Teaching Licence or College Licence. If this impacts unfairly on a licencee, then he/she/it may continue to use the version of the Teaching Licence or College Licence they had already purchased, free of any additional charge, indefinitely, but, as long as it is clear that M.I. Publishing will not or cannot sell them a licence renewal. This does not apply for website down-time or any closures as in such instances customers should patiently check back later or the next days to attempt the purchase again.
12.19. Those who purchase any Teaching Licence or College Licence may edit the text of the file in any educational way they see fit, keeping in mind that M.I. Publishing is not liable in any way for the appearance of the text. This applies before or after any editing of the text. This does not apply to any removal or editing of anti-piracy measures text like the identifying markings at the tops of the pages or of any copyright notices, which are to remain in place and unchanged in all cases except the printed hardopies of mock exam papers.
12.20. In relation to mock exam papers, in any circumstances M.I. Publishing will be held harmless and not liable in any way from any liability or damages to any contracting party or any party resulting from leaked examination papers, or students obtaining examination material. If the exam papers are resold it will be the reseller who will be liable instead of M.I. Publishing in all cases.
12.21. For examination papers, any solutions available including marking schemes are provided “as is” and “as available”, and, any kind of script marking service is provided “as is” and “as available”. M.I. Publishing will strive to accommodate customers on the basis of whatever further agreement reached in supplying marking services. It should be noted that if provided that marking would not be free-of-charge and sufficient extra payment would be required as per terms of whatever further agreement struck between parties. M.I. Publishing has no obligation to provide worked solutions, but marking schemes are included and thus provided free of charge.
12.22. In the case where marketing to schools becomes unprofitable, M.I. Publishing reserves the right to remarket the examination papers to others including students in future academic years, but striking a balance between what is fair for M.I. Publishing and what is fair for customers that already purchased the mock examination papers.
12.23. You must contact M.I. Publishing before contacting your bank (or relevant provider) in any case where you feel the need to file a chargeback. A refund from a merchant can take just a few minutes, but chargebacks are a slow and painful way of obtaining refunds for all concerned. It can also be quite expensive. If you file a chargeback you agree to be solely responsible for and pay all associated fees and penalties that would be charged to any party, up to an unlimited amount for each charge. For information purposes only, such fees may generally be in the order of €60.00 but may range up to €8,000.00 and beyond. All cases of “cyber-shoplifting” are liable for prosecution, as it is effectively theft, and further damages in cases of “cyber-shoplifting” including compensation for any lost business and legal fees may be sought against you, up to any maximum amount(s) permissible by law.
12.24. M.I. Publishing is not responsible for any fees or penalties related to chargebacks under any circumstances. M.I. Publishing is not responsible for any fees or penalties related to fraud under any circumstances. In any case of fraud the person, business or entity who committed the fraud is solely responsible for any fees or penalties charged by any party including banks, financial institutions, credit card processors, etc.
12.25. Any overpayment shall be regarded as a gift repayable at the ability and discretion of the payee. Please ensure all orders are correct before paying.
12.26. All access to the website, and/or any part of the website is on an “as is” and “as available” basis.


13.1. Where any customer has entered in a correct, functioning and valid email address belonging to them, and even though it is extremely unlikely, through the course of making a purchase experiences a total failure of the website to deliver any product or service, due to any reason for example technical error, or Force Majeure, M.I. Publishing, having been made aware of the problem, must strive to make sure the product or service is delivered to you as soon as reasonably possible. If such a case is discovered, please contact M.I. Publishing via the contact page provided on the website, or through calling BUSINESS MOBILE +353864061111.
13.2. In the extremely unlikely case of it being impossible to deliver a digital copy of a product other than a Teaching Licence or College Licence, then a printed hard-copy of that product will suffice, to be delivered in person or by courier or by post, or by some other method of physical delivery.
13.3. In the extremely unlikely case of it being impossible to deliver a Teaching Licence or College Licence, the licencee will accept delivery of the digital file through some other medium such as, for example, postal of a USB key, or Data CD, etc., containing the file. Every reasonable effort will be made to ensure such electronic media will be safe to use, including advanced technical measures, but use of such electronic media are solely at the customer’s risk.
13.4. In any case where it is clearly impossible to deliver a product or service to the person, business or organisation making the purchase, only then can a refund be issued. This is to be paid back to the credit/debit card account or PayPal account that was used to make the original purchase, as quickly as reasonably possible.
13.5. In the unlikely case where it is impossible to make a refund back to the credit/debit card account or PayPal account used to make the purchase, then M.I. Publishing must strive, as much and as quickly as is reasonably possible, to make sure that the person, business or organisation who made the purchase gets his/her/its money back, by any available means, including the hand delivery of cash.
13.6. In any case of a refund, M.I. Publishing must be satisfied that the product(s) or services(s) was/were not received by any person, business or organisation, including those that were not the purchaser. Under no circumstances can a refund be issued after the email containing the product has been sent to an inbox, nor after the download link has been served, nor after downloading has commenced.
13.7. Refunds may not be issued in any case where an incorrect email address is provided to PayPal and/or Stripe and/or M.I. Publishing, whether intentionally or unintentionally, unless M.I. Publishing can be satisfied that the product(s) and/or service(s) was/were not received by any person, business or organisation via the download link, and, that it can be proven that no such email account exists, or existed at the time of payment, or that the email did not reach its target email address. This is to reduce the risk of fraud. Products are designed to be delivered by email, and if it is sent to an incorrect, but active email address, then this is distribution of the product outside of these Terms and Conditions, and so payment will have to be made to M.I. Publishing if more than one person is using the licence for one product, etc. The way to avoid any problems here is to make sure that the email address provided at the time of purchase is correct, valid, belonging to you and accessible by you, or certainly belonging to a person, business or organisation known to you and certainly accessible by them (this is only in the case where you are buying it on behalf of another, for example to give as a gift to a loved one).
13.8. It will be impossible to establish a debt between any contracting party and M.I. Publishing. This section covers the case of any delayed delivery or failure to deliver any product or service, or in the case where problems arise with the instant delivery system and the person, business, or organisation making the purchase initiates a chargeback. A chargeback must never be carried out until all parties are certain that no product or service will be delivered, and, that it is certain that it is otherwise impossible to obtain a refund, for example directly from M.I. Publishing, for reasons including War, Force Majeur, death, cessation of trading, or any other reason. In any such case the original card holder(s) will be responsible for and will pay in full to the relevant institution all fees levied against M.I. Publishing because of the chargeback. The system is designed to persistently try to deliver the product even if a networking or software problem develops, and the person, business, or organisation making a purchase must be mindful of this. If any product has not been delivered more than seven days after the payment, and no response has been made by M.I. Publishing to your direct request to remedy the situation, then it can be assumed that the product will not be delivered. The person, business, or organisation who makes a payment must try their best to contact M.I. Publishing before initiating a chargeback, or in any event of non-delivery of any product, by the contact page, or through telephoning/messaging BUSINESS MOBILE +353864061111, or, if you paid through PayPal, in that case through the email address provided by PayPal at the time of purchase (not the “no-reply” email) and in all cases being patient, and giving full correct contact details and a reasonable amount of time to respond, and patiently trying multiple alternative contact methods if no response. Until such a time as a chargeback results in a successful retrieval of funds, the person, business, or organisation who paid money in attempting the purchase will regard all monies paid as a gift only refundable at the discretion and ability of M.I. Publishing. If it is impossible to make the chargeback, for example in the event of letting the deadline pass for the last possible date to initiate a chargeback, or your bank going bankrupt, or any other event which makes it impossible to retrieve the funds [such as (but not limited to) Force Majeure, war, bankruptcy, etc.,] then you will regard all monies paid as a gift. M.I. Publishing, if it is able, must strive to get the money back to the person, business, or organisation who paid, where any product has not been delivered, as quickly as reasonably possible. Likewise, any person, business, or organisation who successfully makes a chargeback, believing that they will never get the product, and subsequently actually receives the product, or with honest intentions discovering that they already possessed it, then that person, business, or organisation must strive to pay the full amount of the money owed to M.I. Publishing as quickly as reasonably possible. Until such a time as that money is repaid, or in any case where repayment is genuinely impossible, or financially difficult, M.I. Publishing must regard the delivery of the product as a delivery of a gift. In the case where the customers time limit to initiate a chargeback is short and it is patently obvious that no product will be delivered and notwithstanding the other terms then they may initiate a chargeback.
13.9. Customers using PayPal, even if paying by card via PayPal, agree to promptly click the “Return to Merchant” button, or equivalent, on the PayPal checkout, when this button or link is presented, and they shall allow the subsequent download page to fully load. Those who make any purchase, regardless of payment gateway, agree not to close the download page and check-out page until they have fully downloaded their copy of the product, no matter how long it takes, even if the system is not behaving as expected, being patient in waiting for download completion and/or loading completion of any and all website pages/URIs. This does not apply, of course, if they are certain that they have received their copy of the product by email delivery. Any person, business, or organisation, etc., who makes a payment on the website and enters in an email address, having valid syntax or not, that will not receive email from this website, or closes the website download page or any relevant website checkout pages before downloading the product without having received product delivery by email, should not do this (as it could make it substantially more difficult to deliver the product) and such will regard any payment made to M.I. Publishing as a gift, until they actually receive their product, if that occurs. As mentioned before, the way to avoid any problems here is to make sure that the email address provided at the time of purchase is correct, valid, belonging to you and accessible by you, or certainly belonging to a person, business or organisation known to you and certainly accessible by them (in the case for example where you are buying it for another person). If you close the download page by accident you should be able to reopen it again by checking your browsing history or clicking the link in the email, but this is not guaranteed. It is normally possible for a customer service agent to manually provide customers their download link by email, after the transaction, but this service is not guaranteed. If there are any problems with your order please contact BUSINESS MOBILE +353864061111, or send a message through the contact page on the website.
13.10. The customer needs to initiate contact with M.I. Publishing in the case of any problems before any action can be taken to remedy, via the above listed contact methods, or any other valid contact method such as an email address which may be provided by PayPal (not the “no-reply” email) at the time of purchase. Otherwise it will be assumed that the product was received fully and without problem.


14.1. By purchasing you agree to accept and abide by all these Terms and Conditions published here on this website at the date and time of your purchase. The agreement to these Terms and Conditions between any and all parties will stand, regardless of any buttons that may or may not have been pressed, for examples on the PayPal and/or Stripe check-out pages, or on any website pop-ups pointing attention to the Terms and Conditions, or other notices, etc.
14.2. The legal jurisdiction of any dispute with M.I. Publishing where action is taken against M.I. Publishing is the courts of the Republic of Ireland and its laws. In the case of a dispute over any domain name, such a dispute could be raised through the standard protocol, instead of, or prior to, going through the Irish courts. In any case of a complaint or potential dispute, including over a domain name, the first port of call is to contact M.I. Publishing directly via the contact page and consult in the matter. M.I. Publishing aims to behave fairly, generally, and especially in the case of disputes. It is likely that any dispute can be resolved through direct consultation.
14.3. If any part of this agreement is not enforced by M.I. Publishing, this does not mean that at any time this action or inaction could be thought of as M.I. Publishing waiving its’ right(s) to make any enforcement.
14.4. If any part of this agreement or any part of any section or any term of this agreement does not hold up in any court of law, this will not prevent any other part of this agreement from holding up fully.
14.5. Any headings contained within the text of this agreement are for convenience and for ease of reading. All of these terms and conditions are valid and applicable regardless of their location(s) under any headings.
14.6. Any reference to any statute, enactment, order, regulation or other similar instrument shall be construed as a reference to it as amended by any subsequent statute, enactment, order, regulation or statutory instrument or as contained in any subsequent re-enactment.
14.7. The rule known as the ejusdem generis rule shall not apply to the interpretation of this Agreement. General words, including ones introduced by “other” shall not be given a restrictive meaning by reason of the fact that they are preceded by words indicating a particular class of acts, matters or things and general words shall not be given a restrictive meaning by reason of the fact that they are followed by particular examples intended to be embraced by general words.
14.8. The text of all revised versions of the Terms and Conditions is stored by M.I. Publishing honestly, without alteration. This version of Terms and Conditions is valid from the date and time of publishing of this webpage; namely “”. No other text on this website or any webpages shall form part of an agreement between any parties, other than the Terms and Conditions published on this webpage “”. You should make your own copy of these Terms and Conditions at the time of your purchase, as this will be the wording of agreement that applies to you.
14.9. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions you should not make any purchase, nor should you use the website.
14.10. It is important to note that there is no refund or exchange on products after the email containing the product has reached your email inbox, nor after the download process has commenced. In practice, it is an instant transaction, so the moment you pay – you (or your intended recipient) will actually receive the product by email. You agree that this constitutes a download, regardless of whether the email address you submitted when purchasing was belonging to you or not. You agree that if you wish to avail of any cooling-off period rights that you must not have been able to access the download page and that the email address you supplied when purchasing also did not exist at the time of purchase. These facts must be obvious before getting your money back, and notwithstanding other terms in this agreement in relation to the impossibility of establishing a debt, the onus is on the purchaser to prove that no product was delivered but that money was deduced from his/her/its account(s). Please ensure you spell the email address correctly when purchasing and please get in touch if there are any problems BUSINESS MOBILE +353864061111 and thanks for your patience in waiting for a response if no immediate answer.
14.11. If any customer wishes to write by regular mail, the postal address is: M.I. Publishing, 185 Meadow View, Drogheda, Co. Louth. Please consider calling or emailing first, especially if you have a complaint. As mentioned before the telephone number is BUSINESS MOBILE +353864061111. Call charges are priced at the same rate as calls to Irish mobiles. If no immediate answer, please leave a voicemail, and thanks for your patience in waiting for a response.


DIGITAL FILE includes any subset of any product for sale on this website.
DOWNLOAD includes as part of its meaning the receipt of any product or service, as an attachment or otherwise, to any email inbox.
INCLUDING anywhere in these Terms and Conditions shall mean including without limitation.
M.I. PUBLISHING anywhere in these Terms and Conditions is the Business Name trading in the Republic of Ireland with Companies Registration Office (CRO) number 626833.
PAYPAL refers to the company PayPal™, having offices in Luxembourg and the Republic of Ireland, which offers an international merchant payment service for credit cards, debit cards and PayPal accounts.
PRODUCT or PRODUCTS includes services and software as part of its definition.
SCHOOL includes a single faculty within a college but not the whole college or third level institution.
STRIPE refers to the company Stripe™, having offices in San Francisco, California, which offer an international merchant payment service for credit cards and debit cards.
WEBSITE means any website or URI owned and/or operated by M.I. Publishing including all pages, sub-pages, files, code and scripts connected to, including any elements of checkout pages hosted by Stripe and/or PayPal.